Coupon Classes

Do You Want To Have all this but Not Pay Full Price For It ? I can Help You Do That :) If you live in Southern Oregon I hold Classes every Tuesday in my Home for $5 a class a person, If you don’t live close close follow my blog and keep Looking under This Section to see Updated notes for What they are Learning ..

Please review the Tab “Couponing 1o1 as it will give you the Basic Of couponing , This Tab will Give you a more in Depth  lessons :)

Dividers For Your Binders


  Store/manufacturer Stacking

 the Order you hand your coupons

 Lean to be a psychic shopper  

How to Read matchups

where to get coupons

how to Organize your Coupons

Building a stockpile

whats a hoarder

Couponing at Walgreens

couponing at Rite Aid

Couponing at Wal-Mart